Brighton Reticulation

How To Fix Your Own Reticulation

If you talk to a mechanic about why a car isn’t running they will tell you its either fuel, electrics or air supply causing the problem.  If it aint running then its going to be one of these issues causing the problem. With reticulation its also pretty simple. If its […]

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Planning Your Landscaping

  If there is anything that will drive you insane as a home builder it is getting jobs in the wrong order and/or having to do things twice. So here’s a rough guide to the order of things. 1. Site Clean & Driveway Prep – when your builder has finished […]

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How To Wire Up Your Solenoids

Its easy once you have done it a few times… So I’m not sure if this will make good sense but here goes… In your control box there are terminals marked ‘C’ for common, ‘M’ or ‘P’ for master/pump and then there are the numbers for solenoids 1-6 etc. Ok […]

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