Brighton Reticulation

Reticulation & Turf in Perth

I regularly get calls from all over the city – often south of the river. As a rule we will not work south of the river as it gets too difficult to honour our warranties when a job is too far away. Recently I have returned to several jobs where […]

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Why Can’t I Turn My Retic Off?

I went to a house today with this problem. Fortunately they were able to locate the ball valve to isolate the retic and didn’t have to keep turning their water meter on and off as some people have had to. If your retic keeps running even when the control box […]

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Which Reticulation Control Box?

In one sense its fairly easy as they all do pretty much the same stuff these days. You can have multiple start times, various programs, and set it to do some very specific things. There are 3 different boxes I’d recommend. 1. Rainbird – These are a top unit by a well known […]

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