Brighton Reticulation

How to Join PVC Pipes in Very Tight Spaces

Occasionally I pick up a job where I need to remove a solenoid and replace with another, but once the ground is excavated we discover a series of closely joined PVC fittings with nowhere to cut into. A tight series of elbows and tees can be a challenge to remove […]

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Only One Station Comes on?

    This week I went to a property where there were 5 retic stations wired up, but only station 3 would come on. As with all these problems it is important to begin at the controller and follow wiring and piping from there. I put the controller on station […]

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There is Always a Way

  This week I went to do a job that involved connecting the rear retic (running off a tap) to the main system at the front. In doing the quote I noticed a thin 70ml channel down the side of the house where liquid limestone ended and the fence began. […]

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