Monthly Archives: March 2013

Water Water Water

Any time lay lawn we will set your retic control box for you, but after that its up to you to make sure it is actually working. Different controllers respond differently to power outages and occasionally controllers can ‘die’, leaving you with no water. A recent turf installation we did in Brighton came close to […]

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The Hottest Summer on Record

Its been a busy summer and a hot one too – in fact the hottest one Perth has ever known which would explain why by this time of year we are a little weary! If you are considering installing some turf then now is a fantastic time to do it, but I’d move quick before […]

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How Many Volts Does My Retic Need?

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I was working on a friend’s place recently with a strange fault that was proving difficult to track down. The solenoid would come on and off intermitently. It would work 10 times in a row and then fail. There was power (27V) coming from the control box but at the solenoid the power varied between […]

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