Where to Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Turf in Perth

Posted on 18th April 2011 in Installing, Turf

For the last 4 years I have been using Superior Lawns as my preferred supplier of most varieties of turf and particularly Sir Walter Softleaf Buffalo.

A couple of years ago the guys at Superior began to supply the turf in ‘slabs’ rather than rolls and since then the quality has simply improved. The slabs are thick, heavy and very stable so once they are laid they can be walked on immediately without doing damage.

There is nothing as stunning as a newly laid Sir Walter lawn and with the top quality turf from Superior Lawns you are guaranteed a top job every time!

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email brightonreticulation@gmail.com


Where to Buy Sprinklers in Perth?

Posted on 18th April 2011 in Local Knowledge, Repairs


If you are looking to do some DIY retic then its hard to go past Total Eden as the best supplier of reticulation parts in WA.

I buy solely from them and appreciate both the excellent prices and service their staff give. They will also draw you a plan for your reticulation and talk you through how to use their various products.

If you are unsure of how to do something then call them or drop in and they will give you excellent advice for free.

I regularly find myself advising people to go here rather than Bunnings as the average lifespan of a Toro or Rainmaster sprinkler is much greater than a Bunnings special. You get what you pay for!

My local Total Eden store is Joondalup, but they are located all over the metro area and in some country towns. Click here for locations.

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email brightonreticulation@gmail.com


Low Maintenance Turf?

Posted on 18th April 2011 in Turf

One of the questions I often get asked is ‘what is the cheapest and lowest maintenance turf available?’

The ‘cheapest turf’ is easy. That is almost always wintergreen, a couch lawn that can still look very good if looked after, but the question of ‘lowest maintenance’ is a little more vexed.

If you want a lawn that looks great with minimal water, weeding, mowing and fertilising then what you actually want is paving or limestone! It just doesn’t exist.

For a lawn to look great more than 2 months after it is laid it needs adequate water, suitable mowing, fertilising at the right time and spraying for weeds and beetles. If you don’t want to do any of these things then your lawn will show it and will slowly die or become weed infested.

I always recommend getting a good lawnmower bloke who will take care of the mowing, weeding and fertilising. After than you just need to make sure it is getting adequate water.

So there really is no ‘low maintenance turf’ especially in a hot dry climate like Perth’s, but with a little care any lawn can actually look good.

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email brightonreticulation@gmail.com

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South of the River Reticulation

Posted on 18th April 2011 in Ideas, Local Knowledge

Brighton Reticulation serves the northern suburbs of Perth from Two Rocks down to Scarborough and as far east as Beechboro, but rarely do we travel beyond.

So for jobs in the south and the ‘east’ of Perth we recommend two other quality businesses.

For customers in Fremantle and south of the river suburbs the guys at Allwest Reticulation will do an excellent job for you, or if you are in the eastern suburbs (Midland and the hills) then I can recommend Dave at Downunder Retic and Turf



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