Synthetic Turf? Maybe Not

Posted on 25th April 2011 in Installations, Turf

At the moment Perth is running short on water and more and more people are considering synthetic turf as an alternative to natural lawn.

Recently more and more businesses have sprung up selling and installing synthetic and it is something I have considered myself.

But I have chosen not to. Maybe you are considering synthetic and are wondering what the arguments against it are. Well let me offer a few:

1. It is hot. Plain and simple. Run on it, play on it in summer and you will feel it.

2. It is expensive – if you want a good job. You can do a very cheap job for $40-50sqm installed, but a decent job will cost you $80.00/sqm.

3. It has a lifespan. While a well looked after lawn can last indefinitely, an artificial lawn is usually¬†guaranteed¬†for around 10 years. Do you really want to replace your lawn after 10 years?…

4. It is not as enviro friendly as some would say. South Perth City Council have banned it from use on council verges for this exact reason. There are many petro-chemicals used in its manufacture and it is possible that these and other chemicals leech into the soil over time.

5. It is not pet friendly. Animal waste does not get absorbed easily in artificial turf and it smells.

It is certainly true that you can use less water, save on mowing and weeding.

If you are considering synthetic turf then I’d suggest you visit a synthetic turf lawn on a hot day or talk to some people who have it already installed. For some small areas where natural turf simply wouldn’t grow this may be the only option, but in all other areas I would encourage the use of natural turf.

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  1. Ethan says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good information like this is rare. Please continue to write great articles!

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