My Reticulation Goes Through the Whole Cycle and Then Starts Over

Posted on 30th April 2011 in Controllers, Ideas, Never Seen That One Before, Repairs

I have heard of this happening a couple of times. The whole program runs through as normal and then starts over and repeats itself on and on and on… not good.

Clearly the solenoid valves are opening and shutting and are not stuck on so the issue can really only lie with a fault in the control box.

On both occasions when this has happened I have replaced the control box and it has fixed the problem. So if this sounds like you then that’s most likely your solution!

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How To Fix Your Own Reticulation

Posted on 30th April 2011 in Repairs

If you talk to a mechanic about why a car isn’t running they will tell you its either fuel, electrics or air supply causing the problem.  If it aint running then its going to be one of these issues causing the problem.

With reticulation its also pretty simple.

If its not coming on then its either electrical,  mechanical or hydraulic

Let’s assume a solenoid isn’t coming on. Either the controller isn’t working, the coil isn’t working (electrics) or the diaphragm is stuck shut (mechanical) There simply isn’t another option, so you will be able to sort it out one way or another by eliminating the variables. Always start with the controller and check voltage there as it is the most accessible point.

Of if your sprinklers are spraying poorly chances are you have simply configured the system wrongly so that there is too much demand on the water supply. Block off a few nozzles and see if it improves.  Failing that wander around the yard and look for a broken pipe. If the pressure was good and is now poor then logically you have to be losing water somewhere.

I haven’t struck a job yet that is unsolvable because in retic you are dealing with a closed system. There are only so many things that can go wrong and sooner or later by a logical process you will find the issue.

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Setting up a Reticulation Controller for a Bore

Posted on 30th April 2011 in Controllers, Ideas, Installations, Installing, Uncategorized

The big difference between setting up a controller for a bore and a system of mains is that the ‘master’ terminal actually serves to trigger the pump and a relay must be installed between controller and pump to get it going.

So you will always pay a bit more to get a bore system set up electrically.

Of course there is no requirement for a master valve as the system is not under constant pressure, so you will save on that front.

To get this set up properly you will need to call a qualified electrician and have them do the electrics for you.

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Cheapest Reticulation in Perth

Posted on 30th April 2011 in Installations, Repairs, What's Going on There?

Ok so you want a cheap system or a cheap fix?

The cheapest is obviously DIY and this site can help with that. Just search for what you want to know and if its there you will see it. If it doesn’t come up then email me and I will write a post about what you want to know.

Beyond that I don’t recommend ‘going cheap’ . That saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true in reticulation as in any other industry.

At Brighton Reticulation we see ourselves as mid range in terms of price and that allows us to deliver excellent service, honour our warranties and use quality parts.

If you pay very little for a job then you need to check:

a) the contractor knows what they are doing. They may be a handyman with some clues about reticulation, but I have been called to fix up some of these ‘repairs’ and you then end up paying twice. Its a difficult situation for everyone.

b) they are using top quality materials. You can buy sprinklers for $2.00 or you can buy sprinklers for $10.00. If you pay $2.00 then I promise you a lifespan of approx 6-12 mths on your sprinklers. If you buy good quality Toro sprinklers then you can expect 5-10 years. Do the maths and see that when you add in the inconvenience, its much better to do the job right once.

c) will they come back if something goes wrong? We seek to attend to all warranty issues within 48 hours and usually quicker. Inevitably things do go wrong and you want to know that if all is not as you hoped then the contractor will return to make things right.

One of the advantages of dealing with an experienced reticulation specialist is that we are able to solve problems quickly. We can diagnose the issue, locate the problem and fix much quicker than someone who has to chug around checking out different options, eliminating variables and running trial and error tests.

So, while it may appear that you are paying more for the same service in actuality (having seen what cheaper buys) you very likely aren’t!

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