Epic Fail – Black Poly Mainline

Posted on 6th May 2011 in Installations, Installing, Products

One sure way to ensure you have endless ongoing problems with your reticulation is to use 19ml black poly for your mainline.

By ‘mainline’ I mean the bit that joins all the solenoids. This is the part of the reticulation that is regularly under pressure and a 19ml ratchet clamp just isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to holding things together.

So by all means use black poly in your garden beds and even in your lawn if you prefer it, but only use good quality 25ml pvc in the mainline and seal the joints with green glue (rather than blue).

If you do this right the first time then it will save you a lot of grief in the future. If you don’t then you can expect your system to be popping and leaking and giving you endless trouble.

It might seem like you can save some money when you set out to do it, but the ongoing hassles will mean you soon regret whatever small savings you may have made.

Retic Repairs in Perth

Posted on 6th May 2011 in Ideas, Installations, Installing, Repairs

At Brighton Reticulation we offer top quality work at excellent prices.

We work on the ‘extra mile’ service philosophy preferring to do more than is required rather than less so that our customers are always satisfied with the finished job.

You can check out our service rates on our main site where you will also be able to see pictures of the different kinds of work we have done.

It is our goal to provide you with such excellent service that you will refer us to your friends and choose to use us again should there be another problem. If for some reason you are not satisfied with our work then we are always willing to listen and address any issues that require fixing.

So if you’re tired of unreliable tradespeople who don’t turn up on time or who do shoddy work then we want to change that experience for you!