Regular Retic Servicing For Apartment Complexes

Posted on 11th May 2011 in Local Knowledge, Repairs


If you run a strata management company in Perth and are seeking reliable reticulation contractors to service your complex then we can help you. Common areas often get neglected and can be difficult to maintain well and reticulation is an integral aspect of that


After conducting an initial check and service to get everything working, we can arrange for scheduled monthly checks to make sure all is still working efficiently.


For apartment complexes north of Perth you can expect a one off cost to make sure the retic is in good order and then a monthly cost of approx $110.00 inc GST + parts.


Its a small expense to have a stunning garden and lawns!


Remote Control Reticulation

Posted on 11th May 2011 in Ideas, Never Seen That One Before, Products


Of course your control box operates automatically, but on a larger property / golf course it is really valuable to have a remote control to operate the reticulation while you walk around and service it.


At around $1500.00 just to purchase the unit these might be considered something of a luxury, but you only have to spend a few hours on your own walking around a large property checking, fixing and re-checking to realise that in time they will actually save you some money


I was doing a job today at a large apartment complex in Osborne Park and discovered they have a Hunter ICR  remote control set up.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any instructions and I had never used it before so I ended up doing a heap of walking and time wasting.


I have downloaded the product manual for next time I am there, which will save me time and the owner money. It is a large amount of money to spend, but in time it will come back to you simply in the time savings for retic contractors.

Installing a Bore in Perth

Posted on 11th May 2011 in bore, Installations, Installing, Local Knowledge


If you are considering having a bore drilled then one of the key questions is ‘how deep do we have to go to hit water?’


I only found out recently about the Perth Ground Water Atlas that actually provides you with exactly that information.


Simply zoom in on your property click on the appropriate link and you will see a new window open with the information you are seeking. From there you will get an idea of how available the water supply is.


Pretty useful hey?