Installing a Bore in Yanchep

Posted on 15th May 2011 in bore, Installations, Installing, Local Knowledge


In a month or so we will move house to Yanchep and to a house with no reticulation. Fortunately I know a bloke who can help…


So at some point over the winter period I will be getting busy installing my own reticulation and it will likely involve a bore. Its a 950sqm block in old Yanchep so it seems to make sense to invest in a bore to service that kind of an area.



The diagnosis of the groundwater by the Perth Ground Water Atlas of where we will be living looks quite promising (see the above diagram) so we’re hopeful that getting the bore down won’t be a major expense (any more than bores usually are)


From there it will be a case of figuring out the best way to supply water to the various parts of the property. These will include some lawn, a significant permaculture veggie patch and some regular garden areas.


Depending on the $$ factor we may rig up our retic to run off the mains for a bit but with the ability to easily change it to a bore when we can.


Once we begin work I will be doing some regular updates on here detailing how we have gone about reticulating our own home and why we have chosen the methods we have.



Brighton Reticulation soon to be based in Yanchep

Posted on 15th May 2011 in Installing, Local Knowledge, Repairs


Brighton Reticulation began in 2008 as a ‘hobby business’ with the intention of serving only the suburb of Butler and neighbouring communities. It was small and wasn’t intended to grow much beyond the one day/week commitment.

However as our profile grew and our work was recognised as high quality the business grew and we allowed the work areas to expand.

The choice of Butler as our primary target market was because we lived in the community, but in late June we will be moving house to Yanchep and will be hoping to pick up a sizable amount of work both there and in Alkimos.

So if you live in Yanchep or Alkimos you can know that a reputable business specialising in reticulation and turf will soon be  nearby to offer you service.

We will continue to service all the areas we currently work in, but we’re hoping to get busy locally so we look forward to hearing from you!

World Naked Gardening Day

Posted on 15th May 2011 in Just For Fun


Ok, so you actually missed it this year as it was yesterday…

But if getting naked in the backyard (or front yard I guess…) is your thing then you’ll enjoy this site. I can’t say I will ever be likely to do this alone or with friends (as the site suggests), but you couldn’t ask for a better climate than Perth in autumn!

(Be aware there are pictures of real naked people on the site so don’t go there if you are likely to be offended by this.)


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