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Its that time of year when retic & turf blokes try and have a bit of a holiday and we will be doing that until July 12th.

We have just moved house to Yanchep and we’re going to take a bit of time off to get settled and adjust to a new place.

If you need work done then feel free to call as we are still booking work in, but realise we won’t be back on deck properly until July 12th.


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Best Value Reticulation & Turf in Alkimos

Posted on 18th June 2011 in What's Going on There?


If you’re moving into Alkimos then be sure to give us a call and get a quote for your retic and turf.


We live locally and always do a top quality job of retic and turf. Chances are we won’t be the cheapest price you’ll obtain, (our prices are mid range) but we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our service and workmanship.


We have many satisfied customers who are our best advertisements and we’d love to add you to the list.


If you do get a very cheap price be sure to check:

a) Are the parts being used top quality? Toro sprinklers will last much longer than the ‘Bunnings’ varieties.

b) Can you see some prior work? Being able to see some turf laid will give you confidence that yours will get done well.  (I watched someone lay turf this week and the sprinkers were protuding 20ml above the grass level – not what you want!)

c) Is there any after sales service / warranty? If not then you are on your own and will have to sort out any problems yourself. We promise to attend to any warranty issues promptly and usually within 48 hrs.

d) Who will do the work? I do all my own retic and turf work with an occasional labourer to lend a hand. So I know what’s going on and that corners aren’t being cut.


Look forward to hearing from you!


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Fixing a Leaky Solenoid

Posted on 18th June 2011 in Repairs, solenoids

If you have a station that stays running then you have a leaky solenoid. Simple as that.

You can fix it by removing the whole solenoid and replacing it, or if you are lucky you may just be able to unscrew the top, take out the ‘guts’ (diaphragm, spring etc) and replace them.

If that’s the case then its a much simpler operation even if it isn’t a whole lot cheaper.

For that reason I try to use ‘jartop’ valves rather than the ‘screwed’ valves as they are much easier to service. With lots of dirt all around its a pain trying to unscrew the screws, not lose them and then get the gasket back in place.

But if you can do a ‘guts exchange’ then its a five minute operation and a whole heap easier.

Just make sure you clear enough space around the valve to minimise the dirt factor and then cut the wires, change the parts over, rejoin the wires and you should be all good



Why Sprinkler Height Matters

Posted on 16th June 2011 in Installations, Installing, sprinklers

Get them too low and you won’t get the coverage you need as they will be spraying the soil.

Get them too high and the mower will hit them.

If in doubt go for too low as it’s much easier to raise them up than to lower them.

I saw two jobs today where the height was wrong and it will be a problem down the line for sure

Typically sprinklers should sit 10-20ml below the finished level and turf should sit flush with paving / concrete.

Laying Sir Walter

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A few tips if you’re going to lay Sir Walter turf.

– Make sure you get the soil levels right. Sir W is 40ml thick and gets pretty boofy so you could even excavate 50ml

– get a sharp steak knife for cutting it. I sometimes go thru a knife each time I lay it! A blunt knife will mean super hard work.

– be aware that your compactor is going to need some help to slide across the grass, so wet it down well before compacting.

Have fun!

Why You Should Use a Compactor When Laying Lawn

Posted on 16th June 2011 in Installations, Installing, Sir Walter Turf, Turf

If you’re going to lay turf then be sure and do it right by compacting it at the end.

Yesterday it rained heavily and I was laying some wintergreen turf. The rain was washing away a lot of the soil on the rolls of turf making them lay unevenly and look lumpy.

I had screeded it carefully but the lumps concerned me – so before I has finished I ran the compactor over it and wammo! It looked sensational.

The compactor is used for pressing the roots into the soil, but truth is that your lawn will ‘take’ even if you don’t compact. However if you want to get a smooth, sharp appearance then a compactor is a must. You can hire them for $65/day and it’s worth every cent.

Does Your Dog Dig Your Retic and Turf?


Then here’s an idea for you!

I laid this Sir Walter turf today and the clients asked me to lay a grid of chicken wire over the top of the lawn.

The wire is approx 80ml squares and the idea is that the grass grows up thru it and the dogs are unable to dig because they cant get any grip.

I mistakenly put it under the turf initially thinking it would be better unseen, but i guess with Sir Walter and the way it grows it will soon be enveloped in lawn.

So if you love your dogs and love your backyard, but dont know how to stop them digging then this could be the solution you are looking for.

Retic and Turf in Merriwa

Posted on 10th June 2011 in Local Knowledge, Repairs, sprinklers

If you live in Merriwa and need some repairs done then give us a call. We are nearby in Butler and should be able to get there quickly.

We garauntee excellent, friendly service, punctuality and reasonable prices.

Look forward to hearing from you

Reticulation When Moving House

Posted on 10th June 2011 in Local Knowledge, Repairs, sprinklers, What's Going on There?

If you are moving house then at your pre-settlement inspection everything should be in working order.

The sprinklers should all be spraying properly and retracting and there shouldnt be any leaks or blocked nozzles.

If you arent happy with the condition of the retic then get your agent to call us and we can arrange to get it all sorted at the current owners expense. If yiu dont sort it now then it will become your problem very soon and it shouldnt be.

PVC or Poly Pipe for Retic

Posted on 9th June 2011 in What's Going on There?

So which type of pipe should you use for your retic?

When we install we use PVC in lawn areas and poly in garden beds. You can use PVC in garden beds too, but I like go have more flexible pipe in the garden both in form and in function

With poly you can use shrub sprays, microsprays or drippers, but when you use PVC you are limited to shrub sprays

In the lawn where you are less likely to make any modifications it is wise to use PVC. It is durable and harder to chop thru with a spade.