Laying Sir Walter Buffalo

Posted on 9th June 2011 in Installations, Installing, Sir Walter Turf, Turf


Today I laid 120m of Sir Walter buffalo down in Trigg.

I buy my Sir Walter from Superior Lawns and they supply a great product. About 18 months ago they went from doing buffalo in rolls to cutting it in slabs.

While the rolls could sometimes be fragile and fall apart (esp in winter) the slabs are solid and go down really well.

Sir Walter is 40ml thick but I always reckon it’s better to start 50ml below as it can boof up quite easily over summer.

When looked after Sir Walter is a beautiful lawn, but if you don’t look after it then expect it to look scraggy and messy.

We currently supply and lay Sir Walter at approx $14.00/sqm + delivery and gst. Winter is usually a bit cheaper but recent turf price rises have meant that we aren’t able to offer such good deals.


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