Replacing an Existing Lawn

Posted on 21st July 2011 in Sir Walter Turf, Turf

When someone calls me and asks for a quote on replacing turf in an existing yard it is often more expensive than expected. Here’s why.

  • Firstly there is the removal of the old lawn. That’s going to be a minimum of $450.00 if we get a bobcat in. You can do it manually but often it doesn’t work out much cheaper because its very hard, time consuming work.
  • Then there’s the landscape mix used to prepare the ground. A bobcat may need to bring in 3 or 4 cubic meters so this will again add to the cost.
  • Following that there’s the reticulation that gets damaged during the removal of the old turf. Its almost impossible not to damage the retic so you need to allow funds to cover retic repairs.
  • Then there’s the turf itself…

So if you’re considering replacing an existing lawn (and you want to do it right) then be prepared to allow for all of the above


Are all Reticulation Parts Equal?

Posted on 12th July 2011 in Installing


Absolutely not!

Beware of using cheap sprinklers as they will cause you pain.

Before I began Brighton Reticulation I was a retic cheapskate. I would use the cheapest parts I could find from K Mart or Bunnings, but get annoyed when they would foul up shortly after installation.

In the last few years I have become increasingly convinced of the value of using top quality parts.

The way I see it, a cheap sprinkler usually lasts a season or two and costs around $2-$7.00. A Toro sprinkler costs around $10.00 and if used regularly should last around 5 years and even up to 10 years.

You can do it cheap, but expect to do it twice or three times before a toro sprinkler even gets close to reaching its use by date. If your time is valuable then you will have saved plenty.

At Brighton Reticulation we simply don’t use cheap parts and won’t even consider it as it would result in many more call backs than we would be able to cater with.





Back in Business

Posted on 9th July 2011 in General

We’re back from holidays now and ready to get stuck into whatever’s going!

If you need some retic or turf installed then be sure to give us a call for some great quality work at an excellent price.

We focus on all areas south from Two Rocks and can give you an onsite quote usually within a couple of days of your call.