Locating Solenoids

Posted on 31st August 2011 in Repairs

This can be very easy or long and complicated.

If you don’t know where your solenoids are then you will either need to dig around in the more obvious places (garden beds, start of lawn etc) or you will need to use a solenoid detector.

Sometimes this is the only way to find that missing item. When a house has been remodelled and the yard redone it can become even harder and the solenoid detector is not foolproof.

Today I found myself hunting for a hidden solenoid and without the detector it would have been a complete waste of time. However with it I was able to trace the wires, dig a hole 600 ml deep and find the offending valve.

If you need to locate a solenoid then I don’t promise we will get it, but in 4 years only one has beaten me, so its a fair chance we will be able to locate it!


Sir Walter v Velvet Buffalo

Posted on 30th August 2011 in Installing, Turf

Today I laid some velvet buffalo turf, the first time in a while I’ve been asked to do so.

The client had some Sir Walter already laid so I took a photo and you can see the difference. In the pic above, the velvet is in the foreground while the Sir W is up the back along the fence and below its reversed.

The Sir Walter has a much brighter green hue while the velvet is more of a dull green. Sir Walter is a broader leaf and the velvet a little finer.

Both lawns look great and I wouldn’t recommend one over the other. It all comes down to personal preference… Personally i like the finer leaf of the velvet but with the colour of the Sir Walter…



Annual Sprinkler Service

Posted on 24th August 2011 in Repairs


Believe it or not winter is almost over!

And with that you will be able to turn your sprinklers back on. As the warmer weather approaches its imperative that your sprinklers are working correctly and that they are covering the areas they are intended to.

Brighton Retic and Turf has an Annual Sprinkler Service for only $79.00-$99.00 inc GST

For that price we will check all stations and replace up to 3 regular pop-up nozzles and 3 microsprays or drippers (5 & 5 on 7-9 station properties). We will set your controller and ensure the battery is replaced. This service includes up to 30 mins of labour. For properties with 6 stations or less the charge is $79.00 and for those with 7-9 stations the $99.00 charge applies. if you live in the northern suburbs then just call us on 0400044236 to make an appointment.

If more work is required or nozzles other than regular pop-ups then extra charges will be applied as appropriate at the regular rate.

Call now and avoid the spring rush!



Bargain Prices on Retic and Turf

Posted on 3rd August 2011 in Local Knowledge



August is the quiet month for people in the retic and turf industry so if you are wanting work done and seeking the best price then this is the time to be getting quotes.

Be aware that in just a month or two’s time the rush will be back on and prices will rise again.

For a free quote on your needs just drop me a line or give me a call today


Turf Prices Rising

Posted on 2nd August 2011 in Local Knowledge

I was chatting with another landscaper today who informed me that turf prices are on the rise and quite significantly. Our most regular supplier is increasing prices across the board by $2.00/sqm as from September 1st.


Orders placed before September 1st will be held at current prices, but from there on we can expect a rather dramatic rise in cost. I rang to find out why and apparently its because they aren’t making enough money at the current rates.

I’m a little stunned at the rather huge increase in cost price and not happy at having to pass it on to our customers. Unfortunately the only advice I can offer is to call before September 1st if you are planning on getting some work done.

Wherever possible we will be seeking suppliers who can deliver a quality product at a competitive price so if we can find cheaper suppliers who still do a quality product then we will be making that our first option.




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