How Many Sprinklers Can I Get on One Station?

Posted on 31st December 2011 in Installations, nozzles, Products

Yeah… that’s one of those questions that you can’t answer quite so easily…

The things to consider are:

– what is your water flow rate?

– what type of nozzle are you using?

– what type of sprinkler?

In most suburbs I work on around 30l/min flow rate but in places like Yanchep it can be as low as 18l/m or The Green in Butler it is around 22L/M.

From there you work out how many regular pop-ups you can fit on a line. For example a 12ft Toro pop-up nozzle with a 180 degree spray uses 4l/m, a 90 degree spray 2l/m and a whole spray 8l/m. However a 15 ft nozzle with increase water usage and a 10ft will decrease.

Then if you use MP Rotators you decrease water usage again but increase your spray distance…

So if you want to get it right then talk to someone who understands these variables or get a specification chart that can guide you in your planning. I have been to plenty of homes where the sprinklers are functioning poorly because the wrong kinds of sprinklers have been used.




Christmas Reticulation

Posted on 24th December 2011 in General

Hope you enjoy a great Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ and the change he brought to this world.

We will be working over the Christmas to New Year period so if you hit some problems give us a call and chances are we will be able to get there and sort it out for you.



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How Long Do I Put My Reticulation on For?

Posted on 16th December 2011 in Ideas, Products, sprinklers, What's Going on There?

This is not a question with a simple answer, because the response depends on the type of sprinklers you are using and how they apply water.

The goal is to get 10ml of water to your lawn/garden each time they operate so different nozzles will require different run times. For example regular pop-ups can be run for around 12 minutes to apply 10mls.

Toro precision nozzles need to be left on for around 25 mins to get the same result. Then there are the MP Rotators which need 45-50 mins to deliver 10mls.


There are specs for each type of sprinkler available from the manufacturers or your retic guy can help you make sense of it. Here’s an example of how to find the answer. The chart shows that PGP needs to be on for 60 mins to apply 10ml.

The important thing is to remember that not all sprinklers deliver water at the same rate.


None of My Retic Works

Posted on 16th December 2011 in General, Repairs

If nothing comes on whatsoever then chances are you may have a broken common wire.

We were at a job today where the back came on, but the front didn’t. The fact that the back came on eliminated the possibility of it being the master solenoid.

It had to be a common wire (or all 3 solenoids had died at the same time).

As is often the case a brief search revealed a wire sticking out of the ground that shouldn’t have been there. A dig in the area revealed its other half and when they were re-joined ‘voila’ the whole system kicked into gear.

Sometimes its a simple solution, but you need to know where to look.

We Won!

Posted on 12th December 2011 in General, Just For Fun


Well… we were planning a break from Christmas to New year and then we won this competition so its now the first week of January as well.

If you are chasing some retic repairs then we still have one car on the road, but I’ll be in Sydney chilling at the cricket thanks to the nice people at Total Eden.

Feel free to call or email and we will do our best to fit you in.



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Control Box Problems

Posted on 1st December 2011 in General, Local Knowledge

Every now and then you hit puzzling jobs. Today was one of those.

Yesterday I tested the retic, set the control and box and left with everything working well. Then just as I had got home the phone rang and it was the person who I had just worked for.

Their retic no longer worked…

What had happened in the 2 hours in between?…

Well… a bobcat had come thu and made a mess of one solenoid, but now the station that did work no longer worked. Strange…

I got there today to test things. The most obvious check is to test for power at the solenoids. I did that and we had it, then we didn’t, then we did again… and so on.

I suspected a broken wire because the only solenoid that would work was the master. However it too stopped working… So we went to the control ¬†box and tested each terminal for power. One registered voltage and the others were dead.

After looking everywhere for the obvious broken wire (a bobcat had been thru so anything could have happened) we ended up coming back to testing the control box and discovering that it was the issue. We replaced the control nox and everything worked.

Bizarre… nothing very logical about it, but by a process of deduction we got there. So if you have similar problems it may be your control box.