Fixing Reticulation with Duct Tape in Butler

Posted on 9th October 2015 in Repairs


So let me tell you now – it aint gonna work!

Duct tape is a saviour for many DIY projects, but it isn’t a good fix for retic. No matter how many times you wrap that tape around the pipe the water will leak out. There is too much pressure for the tape to hold firmly. This week I was fixing a pipe in Butler that had been pierced by a garden fork and this is how it looked before I peeled away the tape.

Try this instead.


Add a Station Incompatible with Controller?

Posted on 19th September 2015 in What's Going on There?


I’ve been using ‘Add a stations’ for a while now as they are great for turning one power wire into two and solving the problem of having to run a new cable.

This week I arrived at a job in Ocean Reef where a 5 year old device appeared to have failed. One station would run via the ‘Add a Station’, but not the other. A couple of solenoids were also old and dodgy and in need of replacement.

So I did the job, installed the new Add a Station, ran several tests and all seemed to be ok.

Then I got a call back a few days later that the problem has come back.

I arrived and checked the Add a Station to see if it was working. There was power to the blue wire, but not the brown wire. I changed it for another new Add a Station and the result was the same.

I tested the controller which was working fine and operating the solenoids perfectly. I tested the wiring by running new cable from the controller to the solenoids and again it didn’t work.

So it was a complete mystery as to why things were failing

It seemed like a bad batch of Add a Stations perhaps?…


Then I got home and tested the Add a Stations on a brand new Hunter X Core and both worked perfectly. So the only conclusion is that the controller is failing to operate as intended. It was an Irritrol Raindial and functioning fine in every other way.

I haven’t tested the system with a new controller yet as the client is obviously reluctant to spend more money, but it seems this may be the only solution…


Alkimos, Yanchep and Two Rocks Reticulation Servicing

Posted on 12th October 2013 in Repairs, sprinklers


Its that time of year when you switch reticulation back on so its likely you’ll be looking for someone to service your sprinklers and get it all up to speed for what looks like being a long hot summer.

So give us a call on 0400044236 and we will book a time to get everything working as it should be, set your controller and ensure you are ready for summer.

How Long Do I Put My Reticulation on For?

Posted on 16th December 2011 in Ideas, Products, sprinklers, What's Going on There?

This is not a question with a simple answer, because the response depends on the type of sprinklers you are using and how they apply water.

The goal is to get 10ml of water to your lawn/garden each time they operate so different nozzles will require different run times. For example regular pop-ups can be run for around 12 minutes to apply 10mls.

Toro precision nozzles need to be left on for around 25 mins to get the same result. Then there are the MP Rotators which need 45-50 mins to deliver 10mls.


There are specs for each type of sprinkler available from the manufacturers or your retic guy can help you make sense of it. Here’s an example of how to find the answer. The chart shows that PGP needs to be on for 60 mins to apply 10ml.

The important thing is to remember that not all sprinklers deliver water at the same rate.


How To Fix a Sprinkler

Posted on 9th April 2011 in Repairs

Firstly we need to determine what kind of sprinkler it is and what is actually broken – a standard pop-up, a gear drive or some other kind.

Here’s a brief summary of the most common problems you can expect to encounter and their solution:

a) It doesn’t spray – in this case the nozzle is most likely blocked. If you unscrew it then you take it to your local retic shop and buy a replacement.

b) It Gets Stuck – if the sprinkler doesn’t come all the way up then its likely its just old and sticky. Replace the whole sprinkler. Unscrew it and then check what size it is. Take it to the shop and get a replacement.

c) It Lacks pressure – chances are the riser at the base is broken. if it also spews water out at the base then this is the most likely problem. Unscrew it and remove the riser and replace it with a new riser.

d) It Still Lacks Pressure – check for a broken pipe somewhere

e) It is too low – clear the area around it and unscrew it. Then remove the riser and get a larger riser. Put it back in.

f) It leaks – chances are the seal is old and broken. You will need to replace it.

There is only so much that can go wrong so hopefully this covers the basics.

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email


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My Most Common Fix

Posted on 2nd March 2011 in What's Going on There?


If I had to name the most common ‘fix’ I do over summer it would be replacing the risers on sprinklers that have been driven over. It happens all the time!

If you discover that your system seems to have lost some pressure on a station then look for 1 or more sprinklers with water pooling around them. The most likely place you will find these sprinklers is by the kerb as typically cars drive over them and the pressure snaps the small black poly riser that joins the sprinkler to the PVC pipe.

Unless you have a ‘riser removal tool’ you won’t be able to fix this on your own. So either give me a call or duck down to your local retic store and get one of these tools and a new riser. Be sure to check the size of riser before going as it may be longer that the standard 15mm x 25mm.



Once you’ve removed the old riser you can install the new sprinkler and riser. Be sure to flush out any sand and rubbish before inserting the nozzle otherwise you will be making another trip to the store for a new nozzle.



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