Reticulation Warranties

Posted on 9th May 2011 in Installations, Repairs


At Brighton Reticulation we give a 12 month warranty on all of our work, which covers most mechanical and electrical functions.


We use Rainmaster control boxes which have a 5 year warranty, possibly one of the best you can find.


Sprinkler nozzles are slightly different issue as they can block up quite randomly due to dirt and grit in the waterline. We always thoroughly flush the water line before installing nozzles, and then check that they function before finishing the job. But dirt and grit is beyond our control and for that reason we offer a 30 day warranty on nozzles blocking.


Toro Precision Nozzles

Posted on 4th May 2011 in Ideas, Products

About a year ago Toro came up with a new nozzle that has a variety of applications.


It is called the precision nozzle and its big advantage is that it allows about a 1/3 reduction in the amount of water needed to achieve the same result with conventional nozzles. I like it and use it often, especially when I know conventional nozzles aren’t going to be able to perform.

It means you can:


– put more sprinklers on one station


– improve the spraying capacity of an existing system that is under-performing


You do need to be sure to leave them running a bit longer than usual as they distribute water more slowly, so 20 minutes is about the time to give them


The spiel from Toro says this:

The Precision Series Spray Nozzles (PN) save water by:
• H2O Chip technology – each PN creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve desired arc and radius. This method of projecting water to the desired radius allows about a 1/3 reduction in the amount of water required to reach that radius.
• PN delivers higher distribution uniformity whilst delivering lower precipitation rates. This enables the irrigator to save water as a result of reduced watering run times.
• Less sensitivity to high pressures. The H2O chip develops uniform droplet size. This ensures even irrigation and greater wind resistance.
• Housing is single molded piece. Top half of the nozzle can’t separate from the bottom half, therefore no chance of a small geyser and no wasted water

You can download the nozzle brochure here.

Should I Use MP Rotators in My Reticulation

Posted on 1st May 2011 in Ideas, Products, Repairs


Short answer – if you can YES!

I am a fan of MP rotators because they allow you to water more effectively. The rotators spray ‘fingers’ of water and can water up to approx 8 metres.  Because they distribute water more slowly than regular pop-ups it gets absorbed much better by the soil.

With typical pop-ups there is often a lot of run off as they spray a lot of water in a short time, but with Mps this is less of an issue.



MPs come in 3 types – the ‘1000’, ‘2000’ and ‘3000’ and the spray distance increases with each size. The MP 1000’s are good for around 2-3.5m radii, the 2000’s work best between 4-5.5m and the 3000’s work over areas 6-8.5m, but to get the full distance you need to have excellent pressure.

MP’s use less water than regular pop-ups so you can often do a whole front lawn on one station, saving on trenching, pvc pipe and solenoids. Having said that the saving is actually offset by the cost of the nozzles themselves. At $15-20.00/ nozzle they aren’t cheap – and you need to make sure your lawnmower man isn’t going to chew them up!


Mp’s screw into regular pop-ups and are easy to change over. The big thing to remember is to leave them on for around 45 mins to get the same amount of water on your lawn as you would with 10 mins of pop-ups and secondly don’t mix them with pop-ups as you will drown some parts of our lawn and not water others adequately.

For help with any of these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 or email


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