Brighton Reticulation

Reticulation and Turf in Butler

Brighton retic  began back in 2007 by working only in the Butler area, but obviously things have changed a lot since then.   A couple of months back a friend moved into a Homeswest house in Butler where the previous tenants had left a huge mess so one Saturday morning we came in with a crew from the Quinns Baptist Church and gave the backyard a complete makeover.   When we began it was pretty ugly, but people filled skip bins, moved bricks, cleared rubbish and generally cleaned up.   Dave from Dimension Paving in Butler kindly donated his time […]

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Jindalee Reticulation & Turf

If you live in Jindalee then you live on a pile of beach sand! Its a beautiful spot to build a home, but before you can expect to have any joy with a new lawn you will need to make sure you excavate some of the powdery beachsand and bring in some good quality landscape mix. Ideally you would bring in 40-6ml, but obviously your budget is going to be a determining factor and a minimum of 20ml is what you should put down. Digging in Jindalee is a mixed bag. Parts of it are soft and easy going while […]

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