Brighton Reticulation

Should I Use Netafim Dripline in My Garden?

If you want to achieve maximum water efficiency then there is no question that Netafim Dripline is your friend! Here is a job I did recently in Yanchep where new native plants had been installed and the client wanted to ensure minimal wastage of water. Now that the Dripline is in he can mulch the area. If you are on a bore then you may like to consider ‘bore line ‘, similar but not pressured compensated – which usually isn’t an issue on a bore. This dripline is extremely effective at dripping water right next to the plants and is […]

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How Does My Miniscape Reticulation Work?

  If you are using miniscape / netafim sub-surface irrigation then you need to know the following: a) The pipe (brown stuff) should be laid at correct spacing – for example some miniscape is rated at 30cm intervals and it needs to be laid accordingly. b) It needs to run for around an hour to apply the correct amount of water. c) The picture above is of the line flushing valve. When you turn the system on this will release water for around 30 seconds. It can look like your retic is ‘leaking’ but its not. Its normal. d) You […]

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Should I Use Sub-surface Irrigation in Turf?

You can and it would be very effective but I’m not a fan personally. The Advantages: a) You will save around 40% in terms of water usage. b) Your lawn will be easier to mow and will look great The Disadvantages: a) It can be impossible to really know if its not working. You can install signal flags in the line, but you can only use so many of them before it looks odd. b) Locating problems can be difficult and requires digging up your lawn to make repairs. c) Its more expensive So – yes – you can do […]

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Garden Reticulation – Which Method is Best?

When it comes to watering your garden you have several choices:     a) Microsprays – these are the most commonly used product as they generate a lot of water can be targeted at individual plants and are also cheap. Their negative is that they tend to mist and a lot of their spray gets lost. They also get blocked easily.   b) Shrub Sprays – these are larger rigid risers that have a similar spray pattern to regular pop-ups so they can cover areas 3-4 metres with no problem. They are good for garden beds over 1.2m in width […]

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Water Conservation and Reticulation

A regular request is for us to create  a system that does not have any water spraying onto the path/road etc.   This is pretty tricky in lawn areas but much easier in garden beds.  In lawn areas the sprays span significant distances and while we do our best to avoid overspray it is important to have a little to allow for shifts in wind direction. Obviously its crazy to have water spraying directly on the road, but a little overspray is considered acceptable.   In garden beds it is easier to prevent this as miniscape and staked adjustable drippers […]

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