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Retic and Irrigation Repairs In Yanchep

Yanchep is a lovely part of the world and is our homebase, so we love to work there. Whether it’s a new installation of retic and turf or whether it’s a tune up of your existing system, we can be there promptly and will get the job done in fast time, with quality components and a guarantee to come back if there are any problems. We have been operating now for 11 years and have developed an excellent reputation for top quality work and friendly, polite service at a fair price.

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Should I Use Netafim Dripline in My Garden?

If you want to achieve maximum water efficiency then there is no question that Netafim Dripline is your friend! Here is a job I did recently in Yanchep where new native plants had been installed and the client wanted to ensure minimal wastage of water. Now that the Dripline is in he can mulch the area. If you are on a bore then you may like to consider ‘bore line ‘, similar but not pressured compensated – which usually isn’t an issue on a bore. This dripline is extremely effective at dripping water right next to the plants and is […]

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Reticulation & Irrigation Servicing and Installation in Yanchep

If you live in Yanchep then we’d love to help you with your reticulation and turf needs. As we live in the area  Yanchep is one of the primary areas we seek to service. We can always be there promptly and often on the same day you call and get your reticulation sorted and running optimally. Don’t spend your weekends doing something you don’t enjoy and don’t have time for when you can call a local business and have it done for you

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Great Gardening Info

My friend James Middleton at Aussiegreenthumb is a legendary gardener and a fount of information when it comes to anything in our backyard. This month he is running a series of blogs entitled 30 Days to a Better Garden. He’s only up to day 5 so its not too late to catch up and follow the whole series.

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Cleaning a Microspray Jet

If you use microsprays in your garden beds then they will get blocked. Its inevitable as they have very small openings and it only takes a little grit or dirt to clog them up.     The fix is easy. Just unscrew the nozzle, get a needleor piece of wire and use the needle to clean the jet out. If you push it through the hole then you will remove the blockage and can then keep using the nozzle. Alternatively you can just buy a new nozzle for around $1.00!  

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Garden Reticulation – Which Method is Best?

When it comes to watering your garden you have several choices:     a) Microsprays – these are the most commonly used product as they generate a lot of water can be targeted at individual plants and are also cheap. Their negative is that they tend to mist and a lot of their spray gets lost. They also get blocked easily.   b) Shrub Sprays – these are larger rigid risers that have a similar spray pattern to regular pop-ups so they can cover areas 3-4 metres with no problem. They are good for garden beds over 1.2m in width […]

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