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Low Water Pressure in Jindowie?

I’ve only done a couple of jobs in the new Yanchep estate of Jindowie, but what is most noticeable about this area is the very low water pressure. I have no idea why the pressure is so poor, but I do know that at 15l/min you need to think carefully about how you go about things. Inevitably you will need to break your system into more stations and think about using drippers, miniscape and MP rotators rather than the stock standard pop-ups and microsprays. If you are doing some DIY retic in Jindowie and wondering why your system is struggling […]

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Should I Use MP Rotators in My Reticulation

  Short answer – if you can YES! I am a fan of MP rotators because they allow you to water more effectively. The rotators spray ‘fingers’ of water and can water up to approx 8 metres.  Because they distribute water more slowly than regular pop-ups it gets absorbed much better by the soil. With typical pop-ups there is often a lot of run off as they spray a lot of water in a short time, but with Mps this is less of an issue.     MPs come in 3 types – the ‘1000’, ‘2000’ and ‘3000’ and the […]

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My Reticulation Goes Through the Whole Cycle and Then Starts Over

I have heard of this happening a couple of times. The whole program runs through as normal and then starts over and repeats itself on and on and on… not good. Clearly the solenoid valves are opening and shutting and are not stuck on so the issue can really only lie with a fault in the control box. On both occasions when this has happened I have replaced the control box and it has fixed the problem. So if this sounds like you then that’s most likely your solution! For help or advice with these issues call Andrew on 0400044236 […]

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Setting up a Reticulation Controller for a Bore

The big difference between setting up a controller for a bore and a system of mains is that the ‘master’ terminal actually serves to trigger the pump and a relay must be installed between controller and pump to get it going. So you will always pay a bit more to get a bore system set up electrically. Of course there is no requirement for a master valve as the system is not under constant pressure, so you will save on that front. To get this set up properly you will need to call a qualified electrician and have them do […]

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South of the River Reticulation

Brighton Reticulation serves the northern suburbs of Perth from Two Rocks down to Scarborough and as far east as Beechboro, but rarely do we travel beyond. So for jobs in the south and the ‘east’ of Perth we recommend two other quality businesses. For customers in Fremantle and south of the river suburbs the guys at Allwest Reticulation will do an excellent job for you, or if you are in the eastern suburbs (Midland and the hills) then I can recommend Dave at Downunder Retic and Turf    

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