Brighton Reticulation

Grit in Hunter MP Rotators

Recently I installed a new reticulation system running off a bore for a client in Yanchep. The bore was old and not particularly deep and the water supply was not strong. It meant we had to reduce the pumping capacity to 50l/min rather than 100l/min to ensure we didn’t suck up too much dirt. Even at 50l/min there was still some fine grit coming thru and getting stuck in the MP rotator nozzles. It was only happening intermittently and the grit was so fine that we couldn’t see it. The video above shows a poorly performing nozzle fire back into […]

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My Sprinklers have Lost Pressure

A common service call is for sprinklers that have lost pressure. Sometimes the answer is easily detectable and other times its less clear. Some checks to do: Is it just one station or all of them? If its all of them then your master valve is most likely the problem. If its just one station can you see any puddles of water that indicate a leak? Another test is to locate the sprinklers and see if any of them are broken at the base or if any nozzles have dislodged. The third option is that the sprinklers are old, sticky and […]

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MP Rotators – I’m a big Fan

I first came across these 7 years ago just as I was starting up Brighton retic and over that time I’d rate them as brilliant nozzles. As well as operating efficiently on properties with low flow rates, they have proven to be highly durable. I have often installed these on properties and returned several years later to find they are still working perfectly. Generally if an MP stops working it is simply a case of removing the nozzle and filter, cleaning the filter and then reassembling. The filter catches most of the junk and stops it affecting the nozzle. They […]

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How Many Sprinklers Can I Get on One Station?

Yeah… that’s one of those questions that you can’t answer quite so easily… The things to consider are: – what is your water flow rate? – what type of nozzle are you using? – what type of sprinkler? In most suburbs I work on around 30l/min flow rate but in places like Yanchep it can be as low as 18l/m or The Green in Butler it is around 22L/M. From there you work out how many regular pop-ups you can fit on a line. For example a 12ft Toro pop-up nozzle with a 180 degree spray uses 4l/m, a 90 […]

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