Brighton Reticulation


Its that time of year when retic & turf blokes try and have a bit of a holiday and we will be doing that until July 12th. We have just moved house to Yanchep and we’re going to take a bit of time off to get settled and adjust to a new place. If you need work done then feel free to call as we are still booking work in, but realise we won’t be back on deck properly until July 12th.  

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Setting up a Reticulation Controller for a Bore

The big difference between setting up a controller for a bore and a system of mains is that the ‘master’ terminal actually serves to trigger the pump and a relay must be installed between controller and pump to get it going. So you will always pay a bit more to get a bore system set up electrically. Of course there is no requirement for a master valve as the system is not under constant pressure, so you will save on that front. To get this set up properly you will need to call a qualified electrician and have them do […]

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