Brighton Reticulation

Grit in Hunter MP Rotators

Recently I installed a new reticulation system running off a bore for a client in Yanchep.

The bore was old and not particularly deep and the water supply was not strong. It meant we had to reduce the pumping capacity to 50l/min rather than 100l/min to ensure we didn’t suck up too much dirt.

Even at 50l/min there was still some fine grit coming thru and getting stuck in the MP rotator nozzles. It was only happening intermittently and the grit was so fine that we couldn’t see it.

The video above shows a poorly performing nozzle fire back into life when the sprinkler stem was squeezed with vice grips suggesting it was some kind of blockage.

We have installed a light duty screen filter in the main line just beyond the pump to catch the grit and hopefully eliminate the problem. MP Rotators are an excellent product and very reliable, but just a small amount of grit can cause them to stick.

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