Brighton Reticulation

Help – I’m Watering the Road!

I often get asked if I can rig up a system that doesn’t end up with water on the road.


I’d really like to be able to say yes, but it just isn’t that easy.  If I could control the wind direction and strength then I’d be ok, but in the absence of godlike qualities I can only do my best.

So while we try to avoid water overspraying onto roads, walls and the like ultimately in a windy city like Perth we can’t control this as well as we would like. When setting up a system I always seek to have a little bit of overspray so that on days when the wind is blowing into the spray the lawn still gets watered.

You should never have great jets spurting out onto the road, but its inevitable that it will happen.

If you come up with a solution then let us know!

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