Brighton Reticulation

Laying Wintergreen Turf over a Large Area in Greenwood


This is the view from the back of the compactor as we finish off laying 220sqm of wintergreen turf.

A few tips for laying over turf over large square areas:

– Work extra hard to get it level as any blemishes in levels will show up over this size area.

– You can help your chances of getting it level by using soil conditioner rather than just sand and using a good bobcat guy to prep the area.

– Allow the soil to dry out and become easily movable. We had to work extra hard this morning as the recent rain had compacted the soil and the dew made it very solid. Never easy work in that case.

– Lay lengthwise and compact up the lengths – it just looks better

– Be aware that wintergreen will show the dips and errors in levelling more than the thicker buffalo turfs, but you can fill them with topsoil later.

– If you lay turf at this time of year also be aware that it will take some time for the joins to merge as it is not the growing season.

And fwiw, I don’t recommend laying turf under a covered area as in this picture, but if you are sure it is going to get enough sun then you can give it a try!

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