Brighton Reticulation

Lost Water Pressure?


Over this summer I have come across two incidences of faulty water meters in the Quinns Rocks area.

On both occasions the home owners had lost water pressure to their sprinklers and had no easy explanation. After checking for faulty solenoids and searching for leaky pipes I was stuck for a solution.

So we called the Water Corp and they sent out their meter testing bloke and discovered that for some reason the meter was not opening fully and this was the source of the problem. Who would have thought?…

In one case it was very obvious that this was the source of the problem as water pressure all around the home was signifcantly reduced, but in the other it was only reduced enough to affect one station with a lot of sprinklers on it. So if you find yourself in this kind of a situation then consider that it may be the water meter itself…

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