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My Controller Blows a Fuse


If your controller is showing a ‘fuse’ message or actually blowing a fuse then the most likely cause is the coil on the solenoid or some wires crossed somewhere in the system.

The coil is the electrical component of the solenoid and when it malfunctions it causes the fuse to blow and protect the control box. If your control box doesn’t have a fuse or isn’t able to show a ‘fuse message’ then it may actually damage the box and end up causing you more $$ for a new box.

The fix for this is relatively simple – assuming you know where your solenoids are…

Once you have located the faulty solenoid simply unscrew the coil and disconnect it from the common and power wires. Make sure you label the wires so that you know how to put it back together.

Take the coil down to your local retic shop and ask for a replacement. Assuming its a common model they should be able to fix you up for $20-$30.00 and then you can go home, screw it back in and reconnect.

If this doesn’t fix the issue then it will most likely be a case of locating faulty wiring, a more time consuming process, or it may be that there is a fault in the control box itself.

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