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My Retic Won’t Stop – What Causes That?

If you have set your retic to come on automatically but find that it doesn’t switch off then chances are you have set it incorrectly.

The most common cause of this issue is setting an identical start time for each station.

When you set your retic you generally only need one start time to get it rolling. Let’s assume that is 6.00am. Set start no 1 to 6.00 am and do not set any more start times!

What I have seen people do is set several start times (all 6.00am) and this seems to confuse the old retic box… If you have 3 stations or 10 stations you only need one start time, so if you are having this problem first check and see if you have set a number of start times all for the same time.

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  1. Ineke van Wel
    October 14, 2013

    I try to turn my retic on (it’s connected to a bore) and I can hear the click sound but nothing happens. I have been trying to start it manually. I can remember this happening years ago and from memory the person who fixed it had to access one of the solinoids or whatever they are called which are in four different spots in the garden. I will need to dig them up. They are lightly submerged.
    Am I heading in the right direction?

    sincerely yours

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