Brighton Reticulation

My Reticulation Doesn’t Come On At All

Ok so nothing works?

Here is a series of checks to eliminate the most obvious possibilities:

1. The first thing to check is whether the control box has power and is functioning. I know this sounds obvious, but firstly check for a display. if there is no digital display then the controller may be fried.

2. If there is a display check for power. Put the leads of a multimeter on common and master/pump terminals and see if you get at least 24 volts. If not then you have a tripped RCD, or your transformer may have malfunctioned. If this is the case then its most likely going to be a new controller…

3. If the controller is sending voltage then the next place to look is at your master solenoid. In most cases this will be located within a metre of the water meter. Go to this solenoid and check if there is power getting to it. If not then there may well be a broken wire somewhere in the system.

4. Turn the solenoid on manually and then see if you can set the program running. If it works then its likely that the power wire to the solenoid is broken. If nothing works then it may be that your common wire is broken and you will need to locate the break.

5.  If there is power at the solenoid but nothing works then the fault will be with the solenoid itself. Its very likely the coil has malfunctioned and needs replacing. This isn’t difficult. Unscrew it and put another one on. If this doesn’t fix things then the solenoid is stuck shut and it will likely be the diaphragm that is the problem.

6. If you can unscrew the top the solenoid then you can replace the diaphragm.

By this process of elimination you should be able to locate and remedy the problem.

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