Brighton Reticulation

One Irrigation Zone Stays On With The Rest

A common problem is for one irrigation zone to remain on while the system goes thru its cycle. Almost invariably this is due to the solenoid on that station being faulty and being stuck open.

Depending on what type of solenoid you have it is most likely going to be a faulty diaphragm or a seized coil. Usually it is best just to replace the entire solenoid and be sure that all will work well for a few years to come.

If you wish to try and replace the diaphragm then remove the top half of the solenoid (you may be able to screw it off if it is a ‘jar top’ or you may need a screwdriver to remove screws) locate the diaphragm – it is a piece of rubber and then take it to your local retic store and ask for a replacement.

You will pay around $15.00 for a new diaphragm. Then simply refit it as you removed it (but don’t forget the spring)

If you have no idea where the solenoids are then we can locate them using an electronic tracking device – usually in around 30 minutes. If worst comes to worst then sometimes we have to dig up pipes and track the solenoids that way.

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