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Planning Your Landscaping


If there is anything that will drive you insane as a home builder it is getting jobs in the wrong order and/or having to do things twice.

So here’s a rough guide to the order of things.

1. Site Clean & Driveway Prep – when your builder has finished they should do a site clean. They are unlikely to take more than the minimum amount of rubbish and dirt away as they will have to tip it and that costs $$. But it makes sense to chat with the bobcat driver doing this and get him to prep any driveway/concrete work that needs doing. This might cost you a little extra, but you won’t have to re-hire a bobcat for another minimum 3 hr charge.

2. Soakwells – get these put in before any paving or limestone goes down. Be aware that there will be a heap of dirt from the excavation of the holes that will also need removing.

3. Prelay any pipes that need to go in under paving and driveways. Forget this and you could make it very hard for yourself down the track.

4. Paving / driveways – get these down now.

5. Bobcat II – you will need to get correct levels for turf and you will need to clear away the excess dirt from the soakwells.

6. Reticulation – once the ground is level and not going to driven on by a bobcat

7. Turf

If you get the order wrong you can end up doing things twice and that can cost you a lot of unnecessary $$.

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