Brighton Reticulation

Remote Control for Retic Controllers

If your control box is in an awkward spot or if you have a bigger property then testing the retic can be a real pain in the proverbial.

Running back and forward to the box to test, flush re-test takes time and the solution is a simple remote control that will save you that annoyance.

Finally, you don’t need to walk back to the controller to stop and start a manual watering cycle.

The ROAM Remote lets you do just that: Roam wire-free for simple remote operation. The mid-range solution for residential and commercial applications, the ROAM will operate up to a 300 metre range.

For use with Hunter controllers SRC, XC, X-CORE, PRO-C, ICC, I-CORE & ACC, the ROAM offers features other remotes cannot, at a price we all like. With a large LCD and simple push button operation, this remote is tough enough for anything with its sturdy ABS construction, but small enough to fit in your pocket.

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