Brighton Reticulation

Reticulation and Turf Installations in Perth


At Brighton Reticulation & Turf we are able to install your new reticulation system in one day and then lay the turf the following day, so within two days you can go from sandpit to lush green yard!


When it comes to installing the actual cost depends on how involved the project is, but typically the final price will be between $2200.00 inc GST to $2600.00 inc GST for a standard 600sqm block.

It costs more to do a front installation as we need:

a) a control box

b) an electrician

c) a plumber


So typically the front is around$1400.00 and the rear around $1000.00. Of course if you have a small yard then this price is greatly reduced.


We service areas from Two Rocks down to Scarborough so call us for a free quote. And when comparing quotes be sure to compare the parts being used and the service being offered. We will rarely be the cheapest and are just as rarely the most expensive, but we do guarantee excellent service, the use of quality parts and a genuine warranty.



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