Brighton Reticulation

Why You NEED a Retic Bloke!

Why should you get a retic bloke in to fix your sprinklers? Let me tell you a story of today’s DIY mishap… Retic is just like plumbing right? Yeah that’s what I reckoned… So we needed to change over the taps and spout in our ensuite and I figured ‘it can’t be that hard – I’ll just do it myself.’ I removed the old spout, taps and shrouds without much drama and began to install the new spout. It was a tight fit – really tight – I could hardly get it on. But with some very careful manoeuvring I […]

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Currambine Reticulation and Turf Installation

This is what we did today. After a bit of pre-lay work last week, followed by bobcat and then concretors, we went back today to finish off the retic and lay the turf. Its a real transformation from how it was a few weeks back. Rocky, limestoney ground was given a deep coating of special lawn mix before we installed regular Toro pop-ups and wintergreen turf. It looks great against the liquid limestone Here’s the ‘before’ pic. Then with limestone and lawn mix And finished    

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Currambine Reticulation and Irrigation Repairs and Servicing

If you’re lucky enough to live in Currambine then you’d know how good life is in this northern part of the world. As a local business Currambine is one of the primary areas we seek to service. We can always be there promptly and often on the same day you call and get your reticulation sorted and running optimally. Or if your yard needs a complete makeover give us a call and we can arrange everything from bobcat to soil to retic and eventually new turf. Don’t spend your weekends doing something you don’t enjoy and don’t have time for when you can […]

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