Brighton Reticulation

How to Use An Add a Station

If you ever find yourself in a situation where one of the wires to your solenoids has broken and you either can’t be bothered or are unable to find the break then ‘add a station’ is your friend! By using this device you can make one power wire serve two solenoids, meaning you can either add a solenoid in a space where there is no access for new wires, or you can keep a solenoid operational by using the add a station on the functioning wire. It’s saved a lot of people over the years and is one of the […]

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Currambine Reticulation and Turf Installation

This is what we did today. After a bit of pre-lay work last week, followed by bobcat and then concretors, we went back today to finish off the retic and lay the turf. Its a real transformation from how it was a few weeks back. Rocky, limestoney ground was given a deep coating of special lawn mix before we installed regular Toro pop-ups and wintergreen turf. It looks great against the liquid limestone Here’s the ‘before’ pic. Then with limestone and lawn mix And finished    

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