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Third Time Lucky? Retic and Turf in Butler

I have had a call each year for the last two years to come and replace the turf at this small backyard in Butler. A combination of young dogs and a shaded area means it has been tough for the lawn to survive. It starts with a dig out of the old turf. Only 12m so not too much hard work. You can see the patchy old lawn below. Then it’s time to screed and update the sprinklers with some mp rotators. The regular Toro nozzles were getting blown around in the wind and dirtying the pool fence. And from […]

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What If Reticulation breaks Under Concrete?

We fix it! Yeah it can be tricky and occasionally you need to cut the concrete, but where possible we try to reach under and make a connection. Here’s one I did recently. The poly retic has come apart about 150mm under the concrete and there was a retaining wall on the other side of the area. So I ran the station and blew out some sand from under the concrete. I reached under and added a piece of poly which I joined with the broken piece. It worked but below is a pic of my hands later than day! […]

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Hocking Reticulation and Turf Installation

Ok – here’s one I prepared earlier… Back in January I was helping some folks re-landscape their front and back yard and we re-installed reticulation as well as Empire Zoyzia turf. I was back in the street today doing some work so I stopped to take a photo of the lawn months on. With its rich green colour, it looks really good and has made a big difference to this front yard. Empire Zoyzia is a great compromise for those who don’t like fine leaf couch but who also don’t like the very broad blade buffalo.  

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