Brighton Reticulation

When You Break the Tap off the Water Meter

Have you ever found a water meter that either won’t turn on or off? Like the tap is just stuck? This week it happened again – about the third time in 11 years but I knew what to expect. The water meter was on but the tap timer I had installed was leaking a little and I went to turn it off and fix the seal. But it wouldn’t budge – and I knew that taking the grandpa wrench to it was most likely going to snap it. So I called the homeowner out, explained the situation (the water had […]

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Iluka Irrigation and Reticulation Servicing and Repair

If you’re lucky enough to live in Iluka then you’d know how good life is in this northern part of the world. As a local business Iluka is one of the primary areas we seek to service. We can always be there promptly, often on the same day you call and get your reticulation sorted and running optimally. We know about the water pressures and flows in Iluka and we have done plenty of digging in Iluka limestone! Or if your yard needs a complete makeover give us a call and we can arrange everything from bobcat to soil to retic and eventually new turf. […]

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