Brighton Reticulation

Lawn and Irrigation in Eglinton

So I quoted this job on Tuesday and as the client wanted to get it done asap I did it today instead of going surfing… The bobcat got there yesterday and dug out the sand and spread the soil. The retic was installed – two stations using precision nozzles as the water pressure was pretty average and one station wasn’t going to cut it. I didn’t even bother getting the trencher off the trailer for this one as the sand was soft and digging was easy. From there it was a case of screeding and laying the lawn. This is […]

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Retic and Turf Installation in Eglinton

So this is where it begins… a blank canvas they call it… I quoted this job today for backyard reticulation, removal of sand and dirt and supply spread of lawn mix, followed by 63m of Sir Walter Buffalo. This yard isn’t in bad shape as the sand isn’t piled too high, but we will still need to remove quite a bit before spreading 40ml of lawn mix. Once I have finished it on Thursday I’ll post some pics of the end result  

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Reticulation off the Tap in Alkimos

So you haven’t got any way of getting water to your back yard other than using a tap? Here’s a set up that can enable you to get two stations of retic functioning well. Start by removing the garden tap and then screw a 15ml brass T piece into the outlet. Then use a 15-20ml nipple in the tee to connect the ball valve, which will allow you to isolate this retic if you ever need to. From the ball valve you will need a 20-20ml nipple to allow connection of the digital controller. This one is a Rainmaster and […]

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