Brighton Reticulation

Backyard Reticulation Installation in Jindalee

Today’s job was to install a backyard system for a client in Jindalee. There was no retic in the place at all so we began with the sprinklers plumber, then the master valve and just one station solenoid to serve the lawn using MP Rotators. The trencher got a good workout in the established turf and we finished in good time. If you need retic installed in your backyard then be sure to give us a call!

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Jindalee Reticulation & Turf

If you live in Jindalee then you live on a pile of beach sand! Its a beautiful spot to build a home, but before you can expect to have any joy with a new lawn you will need to make sure you excavate some of the powdery beachsand and bring in some good quality landscape mix. Ideally you would bring in 40-6ml, but obviously your budget is going to be a determining factor and a minimum of 20ml is what you should put down. Digging in Jindalee is a mixed bag. Parts of it are soft and easy going while […]

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