Brighton Reticulation

Preparation to Lay Turf

Like everything in life, the preparation matters! When laying turf it matters to: – get a good thick layer of quality soil – ensure your retic covers all areas – screed the ground to dead level – spread fertiliser – water the ground Then lay turf… If you do all of the above you can expect an excellent result. If not then it may turn out lumpy or it may not have the same vigorous start that new lawn needs

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I am Getting a Fuse Message on my Irritirol Kwikdial Reticulation Controller

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this… And if you have spent time looking for the ‘fuse’ then you will be frustrated because there isn’t one.. And the battery symbol with the line thru it doesn’t mean that the battery is dead, because there isn’t a battery either… Ok – so whoever designed these wasn’t thinking ease of use! What does the fuse message mean? a) You have a solenoid coil that is faulty and causing the controller to fail. b) The controller has a problem and needs replacing. Usually I can tell by looking at […]

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Joondalup Reticulation Controller Installation

? About 18 months ago I installed a Hunter X core at a property in Joondalup and in the last month or so it has stopped operating. I went to assess it and if necessary replace it under warranty. The panel had no display and there was no power coming from the transformer, so my guess was that the transformer had died. I was happy to change it as it had failed under the warranty period. I turned the power off and went to remove the 240v cables from the box and got an electrical shock. Not a bad one, but […]

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Reticulation and Turf in Joondalup

  This week I did a front yard makeover in Joondalup. It involved removing the old lawn/weed, installing some new retic and then laying some turf. The existing turf had turned to weeds and looked almost impossible to revive, so the process was: a) Spray existing turf / weeds and kill off what is there. b) The bobcat came and removed existing stuff to a depth of around 100ml and then filled with special lawn mix so that it was 20-30ml below kerb level. c) Reinstall retic and ensure all is getting covered. This involved placing sprinklers around the perimeter […]

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