Brighton Reticulation

Preparation to Lay Turf

Like everything in life, the preparation matters! When laying turf it matters to: – get a good thick layer of quality soil – ensure your retic covers all areas – screed the ground to dead level – spread fertiliser – water the ground Then lay turf… If you do all of the above you can expect an excellent result. If not then it may turn out lumpy or it may not have the same vigorous start that new lawn needs

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Joondalup Reticulation Controller Installation

? About 18 months ago I installed a Hunter X core at a property in Joondalup and in the last month or so it has stopped operating. I went to assess it and if necessary replace it under warranty. The panel had no display and there was no power coming from the transformer, so my guess was that the transformer had died. I was happy to change it as it had failed under the warranty period. I turned the power off and went to remove the 240v cables from the box and got an electrical shock. Not a bad one, but […]

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Why Sprinkler Height Matters

Get them too low and you won’t get the coverage you need as they will be spraying the soil. Get them too high and the mower will hit them. If in doubt go for too low as it’s much easier to raise them up than to lower them. I saw two jobs today where the height was wrong and it will be a problem down the line for sure Typically sprinklers should sit 10-20ml below the finished level and turf should sit flush with paving / concrete.

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