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Third Time Lucky? Retic and Turf in Butler

I have had a call each year for the last two years to come and replace the turf at this small backyard in Butler. A combination of young dogs and a shaded area means it has been tough for the lawn to survive. It starts with a dig out of the old turf. Only 12m so not too much hard work. You can see the patchy old lawn below. Then it’s time to screed and update the sprinklers with some mp rotators. The regular Toro nozzles were getting blown around in the wind and dirtying the pool fence. And from […]

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Backyard Reticulation Installation in Jindalee

Today’s job was to install a backyard system for a client in Jindalee. There was no retic in the place at all so we began with the sprinklers plumber, then the master valve and just one station solenoid to serve the lawn using MP Rotators. The trencher got a good workout in the established turf and we finished in good time. If you need retic installed in your backyard then be sure to give us a call!

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Preparation to Lay Turf

Like everything in life, the preparation matters! When laying turf it matters to: – get a good thick layer of quality soil – ensure your retic covers all areas – screed the ground to dead level – spread fertiliser – water the ground Then lay turf… If you do all of the above you can expect an excellent result. If not then it may turn out lumpy or it may not have the same vigorous start that new lawn needs

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Why You NEED a Retic Bloke!

Why should you get a retic bloke in to fix your sprinklers? Let me tell you a story of today’s DIY mishap… Retic is just like plumbing right? Yeah that’s what I reckoned… So we needed to change over the taps and spout in our ensuite and I figured ‘it can’t be that hard – I’ll just do it myself.’ I removed the old spout, taps and shrouds without much drama and began to install the new spout. It was a tight fit – really tight – I could hardly get it on. But with some very careful manoeuvring I […]

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Lawn and Retic in Yanchep

Whether you are in old Yanchep or in the new areas we can help with your lawn and reticulation. Backyard packages (Retic & turf) are discounted over the winter period and it’s a great time to save a few $$$. Or if you live on an established property but you have never had any retic then we can help you work out the most efficient way to water and the most cost effective way to do it. So give us a call and we will come, discuss what you need and give you a no obligation quote.

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