Brighton Reticulation

Will a New Battery Fix My Reticulation?

Nope… If your reticulation isn’t working then changing the battery will just be $9 down the drain. The battery is not responsible for the operation of the sprinklers. It simply helps to retain the settings when the power goes off. Your retic needs 24v if power to open the solenoids so changing a battery wont do the job. If it’s not working then it could be any one of a number of issues – but it won’t be the battery!

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Joondalup Reticulation Controller Installation

? About 18 months ago I installed a Hunter X core at a property in Joondalup and in the last month or so it has stopped operating. I went to assess it and if necessary replace it under warranty. The panel had no display and there was no power coming from the transformer, so my guess was that the transformer had died. I was happy to change it as it had failed under the warranty period. I turned the power off and went to remove the 240v cables from the box and got an electrical shock. Not a bad one, but […]

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PVC or Poly Pipe for Retic

So which type of pipe should you use for your retic? When we install we use PVC in lawn areas and poly in garden beds. You can use PVC in garden beds too, but I like go have more flexible pipe in the garden both in form and in function With poly you can use shrub sprays, microsprays or drippers, but when you use PVC you are limited to shrub sprays In the lawn where you are less likely to make any modifications it is wise to use PVC. It is durable and harder to chop thru with a spade.

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