Brighton Reticulation

Preparation to Lay Turf

Like everything in life, the preparation matters! When laying turf it matters to: – get a good thick layer of quality soil – ensure your retic covers all areas – screed the ground to dead level – spread fertiliser – water the ground Then lay turf… If you do all of the above you can expect an excellent result. If not then it may turn out lumpy or it may not have the same vigorous start that new lawn needs

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Spring Reticulation Servicing

Its that time of year when you can turn your sprinklers back on. Chances are that when you do you will find a few issues and that’s when you can make multiple trips to Bunnings and try to find the right parts you need – or – you can call us and we will fix any problem on the post often within an hour or so. We can give you a ballpark price before starting work, or we may choose to send a detailed written quote if it is a large job. We carry a full supply of virtually every […]

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Quinns Rocks Reticulation Repairs and Service

If you’re lucky enough to live in Quinns Rocks then you’d know how good life is in this northern part of the world. As a local business Quinns is one of the primary areas we seek to service. We can always be there promptly and often on the same day you call. Whether you live in ‘Old Quinns’ and your yard is a virtual jungle, or Quinns Beachside Estate in a new property we can get your reticulation sorted and running optimally. Or if your yard needs a complete makeover give us a call and we can arrange everything from bobcat […]

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