Brighton Reticulation

How to Use An Add a Station

If you ever find yourself in a situation where one of the wires to your solenoids has broken and you either can’t be bothered or are unable to find the break then ‘add a station’ is your friend! By using this device you can make one power wire serve two solenoids, meaning you can either add a solenoid in a space where there is no access for new wires, or you can keep a solenoid operational by using the add a station on the functioning wire. It’s saved a lot of people over the years and is one of the […]

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Wanneroo Reticulation & Irrigation Servicing and Repairs

  If you live in Wanneroo then we’d love to help you with your reticulation and turf needs. As a local business Wanneroo is one of the primary areas we seek to service. Whether its a big old block on a bore, a hobby farm or a new residential lot we can help you get everything working as it should be. We can always be there promptly and often on the same day you call and get your reticulation sorted and running optimally. Don’t spend your weekends doing something you don’t enjoy and don’t have time for when you can call a local business […]

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