Brighton Reticulation

What Will It Cost?

So… the question we all need to know…

What will it cost?… On this site we will try to give you as accurate an estimate as possible so that you won’t get any surprises later.


Irrigation Service Work: $90.00 call out and and then $22.50/quarter hour after that (plus parts) + GST.

In the busy season there may be two of us working together.Where a second technician is involved he will be charged at $15.00/quarter hour (no call out applicable). If the job is small and he is not required then there will be no charge.

Some typical costs:

All prices are ex GST

  • New Station Solenoid $250-300.00
  • New Master Valve $250-350.00
  • Minor service $140.00
  • New Control Box $325-415.00
  • Use of solenoid detector $55/session
  • Sprinkler – with Toro nozzle $13.90



These need to be on a case by case basis as they all differ. Some costs you can expect;

Cut in by plumber $220.00

Digital controller installed by licensed electrician $385.00

Front yard – approx $1500-3000 for a standard 450-600m block

Rear yard – approx $1000-2500 depending on size and accessibility

To assist us with giving you a quote it would help if you could send us:

  1. Any plans of the block and landscaping
  2. Photos of the area
  3. Your preferred turf option
  4. Approximation of turf area

We will get back to you with a ball-park price and if you are happy with the ball-park figures then we will meet onsite to go thru the quote in detail and clarify any questions.



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