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Installations: are always on a case by case inspection, but the following 'set up costs' can be expected:

Retic cut in by licensed plumber $200.00 + GST
Hardwiring of controller $160.00 + GST
Wireless rain sensor (only compulsory if you wish to get a lawn watering exemption) $150.00 + GST
Electronic Controller $200.00-$400.00 + GST (depending on what is chosen)

To give you an idea of what to expect a VERY rough ball park figure for a 4 x 2 home on a 600m block with 5 or 6 stations is usually around $2800.00 + GST

A front install on this kind of home would be around $1600.00 + GST and a rear install usually around $1200.00 + GST

We always compete on price so feel free to let us know your best quote and we will try to beat it.

Service Work: $65.00 for the first quarter hour and then $16.25/quarter hour after that (plus parts) + GST


There are many varieties of turf, but these are the most popular

Wintergreen: This is a fine couch lawn and does well in sunny areas.

Itscosts between $10.50/sqm - $12.50/sqm + delivery (usually around $88.00) supplied and laid + GST.

Softleaf Buffalo: We reccomend Sir Walter Buffalo as it is hardy, and copes well with shade.

Costs range between $15.00/sqm - $18.00 + delivery (usually around $88.00) supplied and laid + GST

Empire Zoyzia: This is a newer turf and also very popular.

Costs range between $15.00/sqm to $18.00sqm + delivery (usually around $88.00) supplied and laid + GST

All of our turf laying assumes:

When we come we:

The wastes will be left on your block to dispose of.

We can also:

- remove excess dirt ($200.00/trailer load + GST)
- supply and spread soil conditioner ($180.00/trailer load + GST)
- remove all wastes - price depends on volume but usually $100.00 + GST covers it

All turf is guaranteed to be supplied in top condition and laid according to best practice, however Brighton Reticulation cannot be responsible for the ongoing health of the turf. Adequate watering / weeding / mowing / fertilizing will all ensure the turf will remain healthy.

Call Andrew 0400044236
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