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Posted on 21st December 2015 in Installations, Just For Fun

What difference can a day make to your front yard?

How about this one we did recently in Kinross? Reticulation replaced and new Sir Walter Buffalo laid. It came up looking great.

Call us if you’d like to do similar to yours!



Reticulation and Turf in Butler

Posted on 12th September 2014 in General, Just For Fun

Brighton retic  began back in 2007 by working only in the Butler area, but obviously things have changed a lot since then.


A couple of months back a friend moved into a Homeswest house in Butler where the previous tenants had left a huge mess so one Saturday morning we came in with a crew from the Quinns Baptist Church and gave the backyard a complete makeover.



When we began it was pretty ugly, but people filled skip bins, moved bricks, cleared rubbish and generally cleaned up.



Dave from Dimension Paving in Butler kindly donated his time to do the paving, Bede Anderson from Mr Retic and I oversaw the retic and turf work and a bunch of men, women and kids from Quinns Baptist came by and gave several hours of their time to transform a wasteland into an attractive space.




By 1.00pm the job was done, we all went home and the backyard was attractive and enjoyable to live in.




My Best Mate

Posted on 12th September 2014 in General, Just For Fun


No its not Bede Anderson of Mr Retic… although he is a good mate.

Its my trencher in the trailer with Bede’s on its way down to Welshpool for its annual service. There are a lot of things in life I can live without, but if my trencher carked it then I might be considering another business…

That said I only get it off the trailer for big jobs and often just dig the trenches by hand to stay fit.

But when it comes to cutting through established turf and doing the job quickly it just can’t be beaten. Hence the title ‘my best mate’…



Reticulation Rocket Launcher Anyone?

Posted on 14th April 2014 in Just For Fun

My son discovered this video on Youtube today and is pretty keen to make one… Luckily we have all the parts we need in the back of the Cruiser!

Public Holiday at a Retic Bloke’s House

Posted on 30th September 2013 in In My Own Backyard, Just For Fun



So what do you do when your dad is a retic bloke and its a beautiful day outside?…

Grab some black poly pipe, some black plastic and some microsprays and create a water slide… Nice work kids


Days Like These…

Posted on 20th August 2013 in Just For Fun, What's Going on There?

Just for fun…

Most days I enjoy retic and turf but then there was Thursday last week…

It rained pretty much all day, which is never fun and from the very start of the day things didn’t go to plan. We arrived to dig some dirt out of a backyard and lay some lawn. As we arrived the tyre on the trailer was clearly going flat and needing pumped up. Bummer because we were out the back of Banksia Grove and the nearest servo was 15 minutes drive.

Anyway we weren’t going anywhere with a tyre like that and we couldn’t load up the dirt we needed to tip so I took off and got the tyre pumped back up. Half an hour gone and by the time I got back it had started to go down again… Waste of time…

I continued digging out the yard and instead of removing about a third of a cube we finished up with just over a cubic metre – a pretty big load for my trailer and technically overloaded.

I decided to change the tyre over and use the spare, so I loosened the wheel nuts on the faulty tyre and then tried to get the spare off – but it wouldn’t come easily and then it started to pour so we took shelter in the client’s carport. We chatted for a bit and realised the weather wasn’t going to change so it was decided we would drive down to Wanneroo, get a tube put in the tyre and then head down town for our city jobs before coming back to finish off.

Remember the loosened wheel nuts?

Hmmm… we didn’t… so halfway down Pinjar rd the wheel came off the trailer… Fortunately there was no major drama other than having to dump the trailer and take the wheel to the tyre shop to get a new rim, some new wheel nuts AND a tyre… This day wasn’t going well.

We managed to get a good turn around on the tyre and went back and fitted it on the trailer. Knowing we still had work to do we headed back to move the big pile of dirt. But as we arrived the rain set in again – heavy, dense, unrelenting. So… we turned the car around and again headed for the city.

It rained non stop down there and we couldn’t do two of the jobs we had driven down to do. Annoying.

So we drove back to finish off the turf laying and get that pile of dirt to the tip. The rain eased a little and we shovelled all of the dirt into the trailer. It was well loaded.

And we headed for the tip… And all was going well until we hit that bump on the way in and the axel snapped on the trailer… It was the last thing we needed… The leaf springs held the wheels in place so we managed to drag it down to the dumping area and unload in the pouring rain before calling a friend who allowed us to borrow his trailer to go back to the client’s house and get the rest of our gear.

So we dumped our trailer at the tip and ended a disaster of a day by loading up on a mate’s rig and heading for home. Its been 7 years of retic and never a day like that one…

And never again…



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How to Cut Turf to Size

Posted on 14th August 2013 in Installations, Just For Fun, Products, Turf


If you’re laying turf then inevitably you will need to trim it at some point.

There are many ways to do this, but we have found the steak knife to be the most effective way. But not any old steak knife. Most knives will cut wintergreen and the softer turfs, but if you want to cut thru Sir Walter then you will need something more solid.

We have found homemaker knives from K Mart to be the best as they are a strong one piece stainless steel knife. But good luck finding any as they seem to be a discontinued line. I bought the last 26 boxes in Perth!

By my reckoning there should be another 7 years of turf laying left there…

Large Scale Turf Laying

Posted on 20th June 2013 in Installations, Just For Fun, Turf

We have never had to do a job above 400sqm, but I have often wondered if there is a faster way to lay turf over large areas. Today I was visiting my parents and at the park opposite their home there were a crew out laying some new turf.

It comes in 15m rolls and is laid by a machine with an offsider raking it into place before cutting and rolling.

Looks pretty easy and I can imagine how much time it would save.

Here’s some pics of the process. I’m pretty sure the company doing the work was ‘Turfmaster


A Garden Grows

Posted on 4th November 2012 in General, Ideas, Installations, Just For Fun, Local Knowledge

Its always nice when you get a chance to see how a garden you have worked in has developed and grown. I did some work for D & D from Quinns Rocks around 18 months ago and then went back this week to help them with the front yard.

This is how the back looks 18 months later.

The turf is Empire Zoyzia and there is an assortment of some beautiful plants in there too.

Like all turfs the Zoyzia goes dormant over winter, but it is just starting to come back nicely now.

We Won – Again!

Posted on 4th November 2012 in General, Just For Fun

At the start of the year we got a great buzz from winning the Holman competition and scored a free trip to Sydney to the cricket.

Well it happened again.

A couple of months back Hunter industries launched a promotion open to all retic contractors who completed their 10 modules of online training.

Well… a couple of nights in front of the computer paid off and Brighton reticulation won the $1000.00 in Coles/Myer gift vouchers.

We picked them up last week and tomorrow they get spent on 4 new tyres for the Patrol

Thanks to Hunter for the prize!

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