Preparing The Ground for Turf

Posted on 13th April 2012 in Sir Walter Turf, Soil, Turf

You can lay turf on ‘dirt’ but we don’t recommend it.

Usually it is best to get a bobcat in and excavate the dirt and replace it with decent soil.

At least 20-4ml will give your turf a good start and it is also a lot easier to screed than dirt and rubble. If you’re on a really tight budget then you can skip this, but having seen the difference in lawns with good soil v dirt… I’d recommend you don’t.

How Deep Do You Dig Trenches For Reticulation?

Posted on 3rd May 2011 in Installations, Local Knowledge, Soil

I guess you can dig them any depth you like!

But the recommended depth is between 150-200ml and a good rough guide is to dig to the depth of a work boot. I like to dig the main line a little deeper, lawn PVC a standard 150ml and then the black poly for garden beds around 100ml (knowing that there will be another 100ml of mulch being thrown on top)

Really the question is less about a ‘number’ and more about what is sensible. Sometimes in very rocky areas like Two Rocks you just have to get whatever depth you can. Other areas are soft and digging is easy.

Another factor to consider is the type of turf you are laying. If its wintergreen at 25ml thick then you can have your sprinklers sitting level with the sand surface. If its a thicker lawn like Sir Walter buffalo then its good to have the sprinklers sitting 10ml above the sand level.

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DIY Reticulation in Perth Soil

Posted on 26th April 2011 in Installations, Installing, Local Knowledge, Soil


If you plan on doing your own reticulation then consider hiring a trench digger.

I used a trenching shovel for several years before purchasing my first trencher and I haven’t looked back since. You can’t use a trencher in every situation, but if you have larger areas then it really comes into its own.

It will dig a straight trench between 120mm and 450mm deep and it will cut through sand dirt easily. Its great for established lawns where digging is a real chore, but I use it on every job now and it eases the workload as well as getting the job done quicker.

If you want to hire me to dig your trenches then I can do it for $85.00/hr inc GST, or you can hire a machine from the hire guys for $145.00 for the day. Its likely it will work out about the same price on an average install.

If you hire one then be sure to pay attention to where your water pipes and other services are, as once you cut through them our savings evaporate pretty quickly!

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